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Welcome Creative Kismet Design’s Business Portfolio.

Here is a selection of clients that Creative Kismet Design has collaborated branding their business, developing their retail marketing image, as well as online presence.

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Creative Kismet Design_Natural Bitch

Kelly Lynch Ring is proprietress or as she would say, “Corporate Bitch” of Natural Bitch.

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Creative Kismet Design_VET

Kelly Lynch Ring is the owner of Vital Earth Traditions.

“Using organic, natural skin care treatments and products protects you and your body!” – Vital Earth Traditions.

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Creative Kismet Design_Wellness Uprising

Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari, owner.

“Fueled by her passion for empowering others to self-heal, Rhonda develops workshops and classes that are enjoyed by people around the world…” – Wellness Uprising

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Creative Kismet Design_Qi To Wellness



Creative Kismet Design_CJ

“The elegant performer and exceptional vocalist, Cheryl Jewell.” – Cheryl Jewell Website

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Creative Kismet Design_Business Cards